Vice President & Managing Director, Moto-Profil Sp. z o.o.

Managing Director of Moto-Profil, automotive spare parts distributor #2 in Poland. Born in 1968. Graduated technical university and human resources management. Married, has 15 years old lovely daughter. Plus cat and dog.

  • Has gone through all possible positions in the company established in 1993, from a warehouse worker and a salesman, Product Manager, Sales Manager incl. export, to current position.
  • Moto-Profil today is over 600 people company with over 265 mil € turnover, which is challenging for anybody on the “managing director” position.

  • Contact person for the international “business affairs”, also at Temot International. Member of the TI Product & Suppliers Council.
  • Active in the Polish national distributors’ association SDCM ( member of FIGIEFA and CLEPA ), working and lobbing on national level for the rights of Independent Automotive Market. Was also a Polish expert for CARS 21 and CARS 2020 High Level Group at European Commission on the Competitiveness and Sustainable Growth of the Automotive Industry in the European Union.
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