Honurary Consul of Greece and Owner "Garipoli & Bizzarro"

Arturo Bizzarro Coutsogeorgou,  b,.  Catania,Sicily , 17.08.1951  is  Italian and Greek citizen. He  is  the  owner of  the  shipping  and  commercial  firm  “ Garipoli & Bizzarro “ , acting as  shipping  agents  for  various  Italian   and  foreign   shipowners  as Ignazio  Messina  Lines  ,  Saima   Avandero ,  Wilhelmsen  Ships  Services  and several others. The present company name goes back to 1946, but  the  family  business started in  1910  and originally  dealt  with  coal merchandising ,  shipowning  and  coal bunkering supplies  in  Italy, Sicily and in the Red Sea.

 He has been at the helm of the company since 1978 after graduating in economics, and becoming a registered chartered accountant.

As deputy officer of the shipping and travel bureau, “ Agemars “,  based  in the port of Catania, dealing with ships  belonging  to  various  brands  of Carnival  UK   group : P & 0 ,  Cunard   and Princess Cruises.

He has been designated  Honorary Consul of Greece since 2001 and  takes care of this country and its citizens’  interests  in several Sicilian districts. In this position he takes the responsibility  to assist the resident Greek community and carries out  all diplomatic duties. He is also committed in promoting commercial relationships  between  Greece and other countries.

The aforesaid  activities  are performed at  Largo Bordighera  premises in Catania.

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