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Since 2007, the European Business Awards has been shining a light on the most innovative businesses on the continent by promoting success, innovation and ethics in the European business community.

In 2015/16 Awards, the EBAs engaged with over 32,000 organisations in 34 countries. Showcasing the best in class, past winners are from a diverse range of industries including pharmaceutical, engineering, fashion, cosmetic, online businesses, manufacturing and transport. Winners of the EBAs are congratulated by an audience comprising heads of state, leading industrialists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, media owners and academics from across 34 European nations. 

Participants represented a combined turnover of over €1.2 trillion Euros, employing over 2.7 million people.

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Reasons to enter

  • Show pride in your achievements and boost the morale of your stakeholders and employees
  • Meet high level representatives from all industry sectors across the whole of Europe
  • Benefit from extensive media and industry coverage for your company

The awards process

Register and submit your completed written online Entry Form.

National Champions selected by Judges from the online Entry Form Submissions. Country events held.

Video Entries submitted by National Champions & uploaded to EBA website for public voting & Judging.

Ruban D'Honneur recipients selected by Judges from the National Champions written Entry Form submission & Video Entry submission.

Overall Category Winners are selected following Ruban D'Honneur face to face judging sessions and announced at EBA

Our Reason for Being

The European Business Awards’ primary purpose is to support the development of a stronger and more successful business community throughout Europe.

For all of the citizens of Europe, our prosperity, social and healthcare systems are reliant on us creating an even stronger, more innovative, successful, international and ethical business community - one that forms the beating heart of an increasingly globalised economy.

The Awards’ aims:

  • to draw attention to and recognise our best businesses and what they are doing.
  • to enable companies of all sizes and industries to compare themselves to and learn from the very best in Europe.
  • to stimulate the debate about the future shape, form and substance of the business community in Europe. 

Funding and Finances

In order to fund the running of the competition , the Awards deliver a range of products and services to the business community that generate income and are aligned with the objectives of the Awards. The range of products and services include: sponsorship, research, feedback and benchmarking.

Additionally, companies participating in the Awards are able to make a voluntary contribution towards the administration and running of the programme.

Through these activities the programme aims to be financially self sustaining.

Whether an organisation purchases a product or service, or makes any form of voluntary contribution, this will in no way influence the outcome of the competition.

The EBA in Numbers

The competition started in 2007

  • In 2015/16 34 countries participated
  • 32,000 companies engaged with the EBA
  • 678 National Champions
  • 32 National Public Champions
  • 110 Ruban d’Honneur recipients
  • 10 European Business Award Winners will be announced on 17th June 2016 at the grand finale in Milan
  • 1 Chairman's Selection Award Winner will be announced on 17th June 2016 at the grand finale in Milan
  • 1 European Public Champion winner will be announced on 17th June 2016 at the grand finale in Milan
  • 1 Lifetime Achievement Award will be announced on 17th June 2016 at the grand finale in Milan

What other people think of the European Business Awards

Christine Lagarde, former French Minister of Economy, Finance and Employment, Head of the IMF, “It is wonderful that all 27 member states of Europe are together [in entering the European Business Awards]. We want a strong Europe and you are participating in the process of building a strong Europe, piece by piece.”

Yves Leterme, former Prime Minister of Belgium“I think the Business Awards is a very good stimulus for all these people who are working in small- medium enterprises and in bigger companies to always try to improve their results because it’s important that from the outside society is looking at it and is rewarding them and for their efforts.”

Karel De Gucht, former EU Trade Commissioner “I think it is important that we showcase our most exceptional businesses, share knowledge and generate debate around the creation of a stronger European community. The European Business Awards does just that, as well as ensuring the outstanding talent, energy, creativity and innovation of our business community is recognised.” 

José María Aznar, former Prime Minister of Spain, “I have the highest opinion of the European Business Awards. It is a great initiative to promote the values and principles we believe in: liberty, democracy, freedom of speech, open markets and open societies.” 

Petar Stoyanov, former President of Bulgaria, “This event inspires and stimulates European Business to reaching exacting criteria, where not only annual turnover and sales count, but also factors with high social importance – what we call business ethics.”

Muharrem Dörtkaşli, President and CEO of Turkish Aerospace Industries“This accolade provides us with a real sense of achievement and recognises our hard work and performance. We are always striving for excellence and it is a privilege that we are being celebrated as one of the best businesses in our industry, in our country and in Europe as a whole.”

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