Frulact Group

  • Entered for: The Growth Strategy of the Year Award
  • Location: Portugal
  • Website:
  • Nature of Business: Fruit preparations
  • Sector: Food Industry
  • Number of Employees: 246
  • Chief Executive: João Miranda
  • Managing Director: N/A N/A
  • Press/PR: Pedro Azevedo

Frulact Group operates in the agro-industrial sector, more specifically in the fruit value chain. Its core business is the production of tailor made fruit preparations, designed for dairy, bakery, ice-cream and beverage industries.
Established in 1987, Frulact has achieved a strong international presence supported by a clear business strategy and management capabilities, which has turned Frulact into one of the most important B2B players in its industrial cluster. With seven production sites spread by five countries, the last being in South Africa, Frulact is very tight to customers and markets beyond strategically near to fruit cultivation areas, ensuring and boosting thorough knowledge and follow-up of the entire supply chain.
Frulact is massive committed to create long term partnerships with its customers, suppliers and other stakeholders and to develop innovative solutions tailored to support their strategies. Frutech, the company’s new RDI&T centre, plays a key role in achieving this goal by bringing together scientific knowledge and the development of new innovative products and processes with high added value for the food processing industry.
Under a consistent strategic diversification, Frulact Group also operates in a B2C axis with a product range of jams, smoothies, fruit purees snacks and concentrated fruit beverages, under the brand name FRU - Fruits for You.

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